What does the name mean?

Well, we think it means a TÖST to good times, good friends, good choices and good taste.

How do you pronounce it?

As if you were saying “Toast” with a sexy foreign accent.

How much caffeine is in a glass of TÖST?

Less than what you would find in a decaf cup of coffee, about 3.5mgs per serving.

How many calories are in a glass of TÖST?

45 calories…WAY less than that soda or juice you were drinking.

Are there other flavors?

Not yet, but our TÖSTers are working on them…look for news on delicious new TÖST extensions later this year.

How much sugar/Carbs is in a glass of TÖST?

11 grams per 8oz serving

It's tea - is it fermented like koMbucha?

Nope It's carbonated like a sparkling water — 11 grams per 8oz serving

Is there any alcohol in it at all?

There is not…it’s completely alcohol-free and completely delicious!

How best to open a bottle of TÖST?

Sometimes TÖST can get excited during travel. If you are experiencing some bubbling over we suggest chilling it upright then opening ever so slightly to let the pressure out. This should reduce some of the bubbly overflow!